1970, July 24: Postcard from Marcy to G&H

Another postcard with no image on it.

This is the first correspondence mailed from the new address, which was in “Albany Village,” a.k.a. “Married Students Housing.” Remarkably, we then stayed at that same address for nearly two full years! That was by far the longest that I had ever lived in one place, and I’m pretty sure it was by far the longest that Peter and Marcy had ever lived in one place together.

24 July 1970

Hi – forgive short postcard-ness, just a request for help if possible. Peter remembers a bike he thinks was his – was it? Is it around? possible to ship it to us? we need some sort of transportation to campus & for our budding carrot juice “business” – discovered a new bike costs $80!!! yikes! let us know…

News: Jed can take off his own clothes & pajamas, & put away without being told, & uses the toilet most all the time. Joaquin can creep (on his front, flat, on the floor) & do push-ups & flip-overs and such!!!

We are planning to put our lovely juicer to work distributing carrot juice to fellow-food-conspirators, etc. Hope you can read this without a magnifying glass.

Jed & Peter both have short haircuts & neither has a beard any more. Love


I’m especially amused that at age 2, I was able to put away my clothes without being told. I suspect that I lost that ability sometime in the subsequent five to seven years, and never regained it.

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