Another rushed note

Been generally stressed and swamped lately, but what else is new? I probably ought to put together a form journal entry (Mad Libs style) (I found out at work recently that my UK colleagues had never heard of Mad Libs!) in which I explain that I'm stressed and swamped, to save on typing time whenever I want to post an entry like that.

A week ago, we finally launched the project at work that I'd been focusing most of my time and energy on for the previous couple weeks (and that I ought to have finished two months earlier). A relief to get it finally done, but it was kind of a demoralizing project in a variety of ways.

Then my backup system went on the fritz. I've spent much of the past week trying to resolve this, with many runs of repair and backup software that takes ten to fifteen hours to run. My computer has held up well (only one kernel panic), but it's been a slow and frustrating process, and it had a deadline--I had to get backups working before leaving for Chicago.

Did have a little good social time over the weekend: attended Samuel's first birthday party on Saturday, then spent some time with Jay and Holly and met my niece. Who is adorable.

But other than that, and a little TV-watching in the interstices, most of the past week has consisted of dealing with backups, reading submissions, and packing.

After a long and stressed day yesterday, there was a nice note to end the day on: Kam and CJ passed along a delightful pole-dance video, in which an amazingly athletic woman does a pole dance while her kitten tries to help out. I suppose it's not entirely work-safe, in that it is a pole dance and the woman is scantily clad, but it's totally adorable. (And I think this is the first time I've ever used that word twice in one entry.)

Anyway, my plane's about to board, so I gotta go. Off to Chicago for a few days; back Saturday night.

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