Some Movable Type settings (technical)

I'm poking around in some MT settings (trying to figure out why my blog doesn't get spam any more, since the MT4 upgrade, but Vardibidian's does), and I came across a couple of semi-cryptic field names in the MT database. Searching online for those field names yielded info about what they mean, but only indirectly.

So as a public service to anyone else who may be looking for this info, I figured I would mention here what they mean. If you're not searching for MT database field names, this entry is probably irrelevant to you.

The cryptic fields:

Time zone offset, which explains why the numbers are negative. Note to database designers: if your field designates a time zone, please name it something like "time zone" or "tz." Naming it "server offset" does not clearly indicate that it has something to do with time zones.
Default publishing status for new entries: 1 for unpublished, 2 for published, 3 or maybe 4 for scheduled (I'm a little unclear on the details). Here, again, naming it something like "blog_entry_status_default" or "blog_publishing_status_default" might have made it a little easier to figure out what it refers to.

I briefly considered documenting the rest of the fields here, too, but I think most of them have fairly self-explanatory names, especially if you compare them to the GUI controls in the MT settings pages.

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