Six free Mac apps

There's this company/organization called MacHeist that, every so often, provides a bundle of half a dozen commercial Mac applications for a single low price, for a limited time. The general idea, as I understand it, is that independent Mac-app developers allow their applications to be sold for very little money in order to raise their profile and sign up more users, and MacHeist gives some of the proceeds to charity and some to the developers and then keep the rest.

(I should note that MacHeist has been controversial in various ways since its inception; see their Wikipedia entry for details.)

Anyway, right now they're doing a somewhat different kind of bundle: this time, the bundle is free.

So if you go to their site and sign up for a free account, you'll get registered full versions of the following Mac applications for free:

  • WriteRoom (the no-frills no-distractions writing tool)
  • Twitterific (a Twitter app)
  • ShoveBox (apparently a sort of mini note-taking app)
  • TinyGrab (a screen-snap-grab-and-upload app)
  • Hordes of Orcs (a 3D-graphics tower-defense game)

Also, if 500,000 people download the bundle, then everyone gets a free license to Mariner Write, a nice little Mac word processor.

There are only two days left for this, and they're only up to 250k participants, so who knows whether Mariner Write will get unlocked or not.

Anyway. I signed up for the bundle; figured, hey, free software, why not. So far I like Twitterific; like the idea of WriteRoom but don't actually need a reduced-distractions word processor; think ShoveBox and TinyGrab may be handy but haven't really tried them yet; and enjoyed Hordes of Orcs, but tower-defense isn't really my kind of game, so won't likely play it much.

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