Knee injury

Was helping transport KB and T from one place to another, so I carried three-year-old T down some steps. Safely reached the bottom, stepped out into the parking lot, and discovered that there was another step down that I hadn't seen.

As I fell forward, I managed to not let T hit the ground. Really really glad of that. She seems to be completely unharmed, to my immense relief.

Unfortunately, my attempt to keep her from getting hurt meant I landed hard on my knee. Well, both knees, and maybe an arm. I'm a little vague on exactly what happened—in a physical-emergency situation things tend to go by too fast for me to keep track of them.

In the end, the net result was several extremely painful cuts/scrapes/gouges on one knee, minor scrapes on the other knee, a slightly sore shoulder, and a mildly twisted ankle. (The ankle had already had minor twinges a few times in the past few days.) Oh, and a large hole in my pants leg; ended up cutting off the pants leg.

Nothing broken, nothing even all that seriously injured. But boy did that hurt.

V got me an ice pack, KB got me some bandages and such, and Kam provided useful advice by phone. And T sympathetically attempted to make it better by patting it, but was gently dissuaded from that course of action.

I drove home safely, and I can walk a little if I have to (though doing so hurts); it'll all be fine. But I'm not likely to be leaving the house anytime in the next few days.

(Btw, please don't offer advice on treatment of my injuries.)

Added on Friday morning: last night, I cleaned and bandaged the wounds and put an ice pack on the ankle (all in accordance with Kam's recommendations), watched some TV, and wrote this entry, but then got immersed in computer problems and ended up not posting this entry. This was most of the rest of my evening:

  1. Write email to change social plans on account of injured legs.
  2. Computer gets wonky and then crashes and reboots.
  3. On relaunching, discover that it has lost all info about its outgoing mail servers and thus can't send mail.
  4. Attempt to restore that info from backup.
  5. Can't connect to backup.
  6. Restart computer and Time Capsule backup system.
  7. Receive system error message saying backup has been corrupted and you'll have to start backups over from scratch.
  8. Hook up new hard drive to copy old backup before overwriting it.
  9. Discover that new hard drive is formatted for Windows and thus must be reformatted before I can use it.
  10. Discover that Time Machine backup is so corrupted that it won't even mount. (I think it was in the middle of a backup when my computer crashed.)
  11. Try to manually re-add an outgoing mail server.
  12. Can't get that to work.
  13. Try to send mail from my phone instead.
  14. Discover that Mail has ~cleverly~ once again reset its settings to overwrite manual changes, which has the result of making mail from my phone also not work.
  15. Give up and use Facebook Messenger for the one time-sensitive item I needed to send.
  16. Go to bed.

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