State of the vacation

An update on how my leave has been going:

It's been a weird week. I've been mostly getting plenty of sleep at night, but nearly every time I sit down on the couch to read during the day, I fall asleep.

So I've spent most of the week reading (or skimming) Hugo nominees, napping, and poking around on Facebook.

I've managed to do a few other things:

  • Went up to San Francisco to see an out-of-town friend who's visiting.
  • Watched some movies. (Dr. Zhivago, Ex Machina, Ghostbusters (2016), Jane Eyre (2011), Zootopia)
  • Watched several episodes of The Wire. (Am now in season 4.)
  • Played the July session of Pandemic: Legacy. (We lost the first game, but won the second.)
  • Finished skimming a book from my unread-books shelf, started another.
  • Did a little bit of work on Mary Anne's journal.
  • Sent a note to an author's estate requesting permission to reprint a story.
  • Sent a work-related email.
  • Assembled some Lego minifigs that I'd ordered.
  • Played some iOS games with other folks, mostly Letterpress, Capitals, Lost Cities, and Yaniv.
  • Posted the usual old family photos for Throwback Thursday.
  • Washed a load of laundry and a load of dishes.
  • Made a phone call about a recurrence of a tax-related issue I thought was settled.

But for the past few days, it's been mostly Facebook, Hugos, and napping. All of which are worthwhile pursuits, but none of which are furthering most of my planned projects.

But I'm mostly done with Hugo stuff now, and I'm hoping to pull back from Facebook a bit. Today, maybe some project work. Tonight I'm having dinner with friends; tomorrow I'm hanging out with Kam; Sunday I'm off to Santa Fe for a couple of days to see Mary Anne. And somewhere in there, I hope to spend some time planning my travel schedule for the rest of my leave.

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