Family letters: August–November 1974

I’ve fallen a couple of weeks behind in posting links to family-history letters. So here’s a catchup post.

Things I’ve posted in the past couple weeks include a set of daily what-I’m-grateful-for lists from Marcy, a recipe, some pages from my childhood journal (which I used mostly for practicing writing words), a couple of notes from Jay by way of Marcy, and three thank-you-and-life-updates letters from Marcy.


August, 1974
A dozen daily lists of things that Marcy was grateful for.
Date unknown
Recipe for Turkey Loaf Shepherd’s Pie. The only recipe that I have in Marcy’s handwriting.
Jed’s journal. In which Jed writes his name, the alphabet, some book titles, and some knock-knock jokes.
September 3, 1974
In which we get a foster dog, and Marcy and Robert and the dog do a late-night drive to pick up George from the airport.
“they’d been adopted by ‘the most wonderful puppy in the world’ but their landlady was very uptight about dogs…”
September 6, 1974
More kid art by Jay, with description. This time: ducks, trucks, and dolphins.
September 28, 1974
A thank-you note and general life update from Marcy.
“Peter just gave me a haircut—looks good but it’s a little too short—’Quin got one, too, but Jed is still a longhair.”
November 18, 1974
A letter from Marcy during a trip (with me and Jay) to see Marcy’s mother in Philadelphia.
“Vacations sure are nice—nice when they’re over, too.”
November(?), 1974
A note from Jay by way of Marcy.
“The people that ‘gave’ me my new shoes gave me a balloon, and it never popped, but once it did.”

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