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(Wrote this entry in August 2015, but apparently neglected to post it ’til now.) Kathleen has finished removing soot from Peter’s books, so I’ve done a quick culling pass on the mass-market paperbacks and put the ones I’m keeping on my bookcase. (Climbing the library ladder with a hurt knee was a little bit scary, […]

The fate of Peter’s books

In an entry from late 2007, Dobe asked what happened to Peter’s books. I was going to finally post a comment on that entry to supply some answers just now, when I realized that I might as well make it a full entry instead of a comment. So here goes: Peter had a lot of […]


I have long and often wondered about Peter and books. For example, I estimated once to someone in a conversation that my brother Peter had probably read 100K books and that he was a “speed reader”. Pure speculation. So I had occasion to tell Peter about my conversation (I went to the source) and he […]