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Peter requests an exemption

As I’ve mentioned in various places, Peter got a full four-year scholarship to Caltech, but flunked out after the first quarter. He subsequently attended the University of Washington, but didn’t graduate from there either. (I know very little about his time at UW.) About ten years later, he attended the University of California at Berkeley. […]


(Wrote this entry in August 2015, but apparently neglected to post it ’til now.) Kathleen has finished removing soot from Peter’s books, so I’ve done a quick culling pass on the mass-market paperbacks and put the ones I’m keeping on my bookcase. (Climbing the library ladder with a hurt knee was a little bit scary, […]

The fate of Peter’s books

In an entry from late 2007, Dobe asked what happened to Peter’s books. I was going to finally post a comment on that entry to supply some answers just now, when I realized that I might as well make it a full entry instead of a comment. So here goes: Peter had a lot of […]


I have long and often wondered about Peter and books. For example, I estimated once to someone in a conversation that my brother Peter had probably read 100K books and that he was a “speed reader”. Pure speculation. So I had occasion to tell Peter about my conversation (I went to the source) and he […]