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The asparagus joke

I was eating some asparagus just now and it reminded me of a joke Peter used to tell. It went something like this: This woman was at a dinner party, and there was a platter of asparagus being passed around the table. When it got to her, she very carefully cut off all of the […]


I posted this in my main blog about five years ago, but it just occurred to me that I ought to repost it here: Peter used to occasionally explain that various things worked by means of “FM.” I would ask, “What’s that?” He would reply: “Fuckin’ magic!””


A chance comment this evening reminded me that Peter used to refer to holding hands as “premarital interdigitation.” I see by a quick web search that he was not the only person to say that, but I think he was the only person I ever actually heard say it. And that indirectly reminds me that […]

Anecdotes/jokes from Peter

On looking through some old files, I found a file from mid-1989 titled “peter.anecdotes.” He must have sent me these notes in email at some point (see a forthcoming entry about Peter and email), but I don’t know exactly when (probably early ’89), and I’m not sure whether these three paragraphs were all in the […]

Languages in the home

When I was a kid, at one point my school sent home a form that asked for various bits of info about the kid’s home life. One of the blanks on the form asked for a list of the languages that were spoken in the child’s home. Peter wrote: “English and Gibberish.” (I don’t actually […]

Experience Comes From Bad Judgment?

I remember Peter had a (humorous) phrase he used, often, in the later Tacoma years, anyway… He would say, “Good judgment comes from experience, and often, experience comes from bad judgment.”, or something like that, and then he completed it, with the syllogistic punchline eluding me! If you remember Peter using this phrase, PLEASE take […]