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Strangely Attracted To Chaos

Brother Peter was fascinated by: Chaos Theory,     Fractals,     M. C. Escher,     Op Art,     Möbius strips,     Kline bottles,     Tessellations,     Penrose Tiling,     and     Puzzles,     don’t you think? BTW, I found this unattributed limerick on the internet… "A […]


I have long and often wondered about Peter and books. For example, I estimated once to someone in a conversation that my brother Peter had probably read 100K books and that he was a “speed reader”. Pure speculation. So I had occasion to tell Peter about my conversation (I went to the source) and he […]

Teaching About Learning

When Peter worked at a place in the Northwest teaching computer hardware and server systems about 8-something years ago, he had a co-worker he talked about sometimes. This co-worker was not very informed on the subject, according to Peter, but at the same time was very cock-sure about his knowledge, waving his hands and mumbling […]

Juggling Life And Leisure

Peter taught me to juggle in the early 1960’s. He wasn’t professional or anything at it, but he was good, very entertaining. While I never attained his skill level, I admired his accomplishments. One of the “tricks” he did with juggling was to juggle two balls with the right hand, and then lift the third […]


Whenever someone complained about being sore or having aching arms or legs, Peter would say: You know what they say: “If you get stiff in the joints, don’t go in the joints!” I was always amused, but found that when I repeated this to friends, they just looked puzzled, or thought I was making some […]

Peter’s 21st birthday

On a more entertaining note than my last entry: When Peter was 20, he was a regular at a local bar–presumably he had a fake ID, or else he looked old enough that the bartender didn’t check. On his 21st birthday, he went to the bar and told the bartender, “Buy me a drink–it’s my […]

Peter’s last birthday

Sometime in 2004, Jay and I noticed that Peter’s 65th birthday was coming up. We decided to have some kind of party for him, and then set the idea aside and forgot to come back to it. Shortly before his birthday, we realized that we hadn’t put together a party for him. I was embarrassed […]