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Teaching me Go

Dobe asked about Peter and games. I have a couple of things to say in that area, but I’ll start with this one. Peter taught me to play Go when I was a kid. The way he taught me went kind of like this: He would play a stone. I would look at the board […]

The Games Peter Played

The first time I realized that Peter liked to play games was in Port Townsend, where he had moved back from Mexico to live with the family, was when he first showed me a Mahjhong game with fancy tablets and a board, and I think he actually introduced me to the game of Go there, […]

Peter’s attitude toward money

My memories were stimulated yesterday (by some unrelated comment) of the first day of my arrival to visit Peter in NYC in 1964, (the year of the World’s Fair there, which Peter later sent me off to, alone for the day). I had finally found my way to his apartment, having taken the bus all […]

Thinking and pens

Peter regularly said, when I was a kid, that he couldn’t think without a pen in his hand. (I think I know the feeling–if I don’t have a computer keyboard or a pen or some other means of transcribing thoughts in front of me, it’s easy for my thoughts to get stuck running around in […]

Matrix encryption

Sorry for the long silence–was busy, then had to spend a bunch of time fixing some problems with the blog. All fixed now, I think. Welcome, Dobe! Thanks for posting! On my way home from work this evening, I suddenly remembered something I hadn’t thought of in years: at one point when I was a […]

Previous thoughts about Peter

Since I’ve already had a number of entries in my own blog about Brother Peter, I will simply supply the links to those that either are about him, or at least mention him. (Please click the " Continue Reading" button below for the articles in Dobe’s blog mentioning Brother Peter…

Peter’s Approval

I believe that Peter approved of new technologies and new uses of technologies and would very much like the ease of use of this interface, which is fairly intuitive for beginners and a great tool with a bit of experience. [Poke around, find the bugs!. -Peter] [Click on “Extended Entry” hyperlink below for more… – […]