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Nose adjustment

One of the semi-magic tricks Peter used to occasionally do: He’d say that his nose was out of alignment or something, and needed an adjustment, like a chiropractic adjustment. He would put his hands together palm to palm, as if praying, but with his nose between the index fingers. Then he would bend his hands […]

Going back to school

My birthday seems like an appropriate time to reflect on one of the most valuable life-lessons-by-example that Peter imparted to me: At around age 50, he left his career in the computer industry to go back to school. He ended up getting two master’s degrees, one in math and one in education; then he became […]

Teaching About Learning

When Peter worked at a place in the Northwest teaching computer hardware and server systems about 8-something years ago, he had a co-worker he talked about sometimes. This co-worker was not very informed on the subject, according to Peter, but at the same time was very cock-sure about his knowledge, waving his hands and mumbling […]

Juggling Life And Leisure

Peter taught me to juggle in the early 1960’s. He wasn’t professional or anything at it, but he was good, very entertaining. While I never attained his skill level, I admired his accomplishments. One of the “tricks” he did with juggling was to juggle two balls with the right hand, and then lift the third […]