1968, June 3: Letter from Marcy to G&H

This is a handwritten note from my mother, Marcy, to Peter’s parents, George and Helen. It’s dated only about nine days after the last letter that I have from Marcy to her own parents.

On the envelope of this one, in Helen’s handwriting I think, it says: “Our 1st letter from our daughter-in-law Marcy” but then under that it says “?” My understanding from Marcy’s letters to her own parents is that Peter hadn’t been on good terms with his parents for a while before I was born. I don’t think that Marcy had met George and Helen in person when she wrote this.

Also on the envelope, the last lines of the “To” address read: “Tacoma, Washington, Zip.” I assume that was because Marcy didn’t have George and Helen’s ZIP Code (this was after ZIP Codes, but only by a few years), but I’m amused that she wrote in the word “Zip.”

Inside the envelope, the note is written on a Transport A Child notecard, the same design as the notecard on which Marcy had written a note to her parents a few months earlier.

Here’s the letter:

3 June 1968

Dear Mrs H__, Mr H__, & all,

Thanks for the wonderful idea—we’ll get in touch with Patty & Joe & probably make arrangements with them, or else we’ll be there by car in time for the wedding.

Expect you’re very busy with plans & arrangements—we are too, trying to get moved and packed and all those things—Are you leaving for NY very soon?

We’ll see you on the 14th or a bit before




Patty and Joe were cousins of George’s (specifically, Patty was the daughter of George’s uncle Pope and aunt Mildreth), who lived in California at the time. Joe died in 1998, and Patty in 2004. I imagine that I met them at some point, but I have no memory of them at all.

The wedding that Marcy mentioned in the letter was my Uncle Paul and Aunt Linda’s.

Facebook post for this letter.

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