1970, June 6: Postcard from Marcy to G&H

California Poppies postcard
California Poppies postcard

Marcy wrote this note on a postcard showing a picture of California poppies. “Published & Distributed by Columbia.” “Columbia Wholesale Supply, 11401 Chandler, North Hollywood, Calif.”

Better hurry & get here, ’fore your grandchildren are readin’ & writin’ & figurin’ – at their pace, it’ll be any minute. Joaquin is losing his baldness, even. We expect you near the 11th – Peter has 1 final each the 11th & 12th – moving on the 26th to married students housing; hope it’ll be before then as there’s much more room here. Love, P, M, J & J

I was a little confused about the timeline here; in the previous letter, at the end of March, Peter had just been accepted to UC Berkeley, but in this card, just over two months later, he’s got finals already. But then I remembered that in Peter’s previous letter, in early March, he said that he had started a programming class “at the free u of berkeley,” so I think he wasn’t a UC Berkeley student yet—I think he must have started there shortly after this.

It sounds like George and Helen were planning to visit, but I don’t know whether that ended up happening.

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