1972, September 27: Postcard from Marcy to G&H (plus bonus semi-card from Jed)

This is the first letter from our new address in Stockton. I’ve now updated the map of places I lived as a kid to include the Stockton place.

I don’t know why Stockton. I assume that the general idea was to be closer to Peter’s new job in Tracy. But it looks like our Stockton address was still about a half-hour drive from Rising Sun Awareness House, so I’m not sure why we didn’t just move to Tracy.

This is the same style of postcard as the last few—no big image, just a drawing off to one side of the text area. On this one, the drawing is of a cuckoo clock, with the caption “Time for a note!”

Dear Granma

Did I ever thank you for those napkins you sent in some box or another? They’re just great—stay soft thru many washings, pretty, and, above all, they’re napkins! Thank you so much! (I do indeed thank you every time I use one.)

love Marcy

…There’s another postcard that goes somewhere around here in the chronology. It’s on the same style of card as the previous few, and it has the Stockton address as the return address, along with a phone number in what I think is Helen’s handwriting, so I assume it was sent shortly after we moved to the Stockton place. And it has my name as the sender.

But the text area of the card contains only a scribble, in two or three colors of pencil, just scribbling back and forth with the pencils. It’s not what I would call art even by kid-art standards, and there’s no text, and I didn’t feel like it was worth taking a photo of and posting in its own entry.

So I’m just mentioning it here, in passing.

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