1972, December-ish: Note from Marcy to G&H

Written in heavy pen or light marker on a piece of heavyweight green paper, about 15" long and 5" wide.

Found and added a couple weeks after finishing posting the rest of the series of letters. I’m not sure of the date, but the reference to Christmas makes me assume this was written in December, and the mention of Tracy Press makes me think it was probably in 1972, when Peter was working at Rising Sun Awareness House in Tracy.

Dear Ones

Happy Christmastime — (we got this in the mail on Sunday!!)

Please notice that there are names in the fronts of the books & magazines — these are suggestions — hope you will trade off or whatever!

Also notice the Tracy Press page one story about a friend of yours.

We love you all!

Have a wonderful year!

Peace be with you

Peter, Marcy,

Jed, & Joaquin

Written sideways in the margin: all the all-red rectangles are entitled “Cave” by Jed (brown ones by Joaquin)


I assumed that this was referring to a newspaper photo of Peter standing outside Awareness House, but it turns out that that photo ran on p. 6 in October of 1972, so I’m guessing that this note is referring to something else.
I assume this refers to some no-longer-extant kid art.

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