1974, January?: Note from Marcy to G&H

Brief note on a notecard. Undated, but at some point Helen wrote “1974” at the top, and the birthday reference makes me think this was probably a card that accompanied a birthday gift. I’m guessing it was for Helen, whose birthday was in January. But if it was instead for George, whose birthday was in March, then this was probably written a couple of months later.

Notecard photo of trees and hills
Notecard photo of trees and hills

The notecard was published by Gallery Notes. On the back, it says “N 25 3” (presumably an identifier of some sort), and then “Joycrafters, San Rafael, Calif. printed in USA photographer Simon Cherpitel”

Text inside:

It has long been accepted by many peoples that copper bracelets will ward off or cure arthritis. We’ll be interested to hear if it helps. When you put it on, try to get the two ends to meet. Try to wear it all the time. Happy Birthday!!

love Peter


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