1974, February 6: Kidmail from Jay or Jed to G&H

Another large-ish sheet of brown paper with squiggly lines on it; not sure whether it was drawn by Jay or by me. The annotation below was written by Marcy, presumably based on the artist’s description of the work.

The back of the page also included some further lines presumably drawn by one of us kids, but there’s no description/explanation of those, so I think I’m not gonna include them.

The date was written by Helen; it’s more specific than most of the dates-written-by-Helen, so I’m assuming it’s accurate.

Kid art: another fish trap
Kid art: another fish trap

Thank you for the slinky and top. To Grandma and Grandpa in Tacoma.

It (the picture) is about somebody who got trapped in a fish trap, and somebody was fishing. So the person who was fishing dumped it out so he (the person who was trapped) could swim more. Then he (trapped person) found a boat and then he got got on the boat and sailed on up the stones. The person who was fishing fell into the water and the boat caught the person who was fishing. Then the net fell into the water and then the boat caught the net. That’s all.

…To me, the main notable thing about this one is that it’s the second piece of kid art in a couple of months to use the phrase “fish trap”; see earlier entry. I imagine we must have been exposed to that phrase at some point, but I don’t know in what context.

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