Date unknown: “mobile/collage”

This is a piece of art that I made. On the back, Marcy wrote:

“Day & Night” mobile/collage

made by Jed

Redwood School

So it could have been made anytime from fall of 1973 through spring of 1977, but I think maybe it was mixed in with the 1974 letters?

At any rate, late 1974 seems as plausible a date as any.

Construction paper collage.
Construction paper collage.

The construction is kind of neat—I assume we were guided/instructed in how to do this:

It’s a circle of black construction paper, about 8" in diameter. On the front, a half-circle of tan-ish construction paper covers the right half of the black circle. On the back (not shown) a half-circle of white construction paper covers the right half of the black circle. There’s a small hole at the top, through which a bit of yarn has been threaded. So I think the idea was that you would hang the yarn from something, and then the construction paper circle could gentle twirl so you could see both sides of it.

On the front, I cut out shapes to show the moon and the sun and a flower. I’m not sure what the stick-and-ball on the “night” half of the collage was supposed to be—was it the same flower, but at night? Or a tree? or something else?

Most of the piece is made of construction paper, but the ground area in the “night” half is some kind of slightly rough thin fabric.

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