Family letters: November 1974–September 1975

And now I’ve fallen even further behind in posting links to family-history letters. Here’s a catchup post through the end of 1975; I’ll do another one for 1976-so-far.

Things included below: Some art, assorted life updates, a major change to the foster home, two more moves, and the first letter written by Jay.


November 26, 1974
A general life update from Peter, plus some poems written by Meishu-sama.
“Events proceed here at their usual dizzing pace (that was supposed to be dizzying—anyway, things are whizzing)”
Date unknown
A construction-paper collage that I made sometime between 1973 and 1977, titled “Day & Night.”
December 6, 1974
In which two foster kids leave, and we are suddenly in desperate need of money again, so we prepare to move.
“We're thinking very seriously about going in with about 8 other people to buy a 100-acre ranch in Mendocino county, we'd get 10 or 12 kids at $800-$1000 per each per month, and set up a survival community, schoolhouse, etc.”
January 15, 1975
A placeholder note to let George and Helen know we haven’t forgotten them.
“the germs & the realtors have a conspiracy to keep us from mailing our New Years Presents (we already gave up on Christmas) till Easter”
January 23, 1975
Another thank-you-plus-life-updates letter, in which we’re preparing to sell the house and move on to the next adventure.
“We are very sorry to be so unconscionably late in sending our gifts to you—especially since we had finished making them by 12/20 or so, but have been as busy as a gaggle of whirligigs, mostly running around in circles...”
March 7, 1975
In which the kids get German measles and (unrelatedly) the parents sell the house.
“He made a lovely potato head yesterday, all by himself, then gave it to Peter to eat for breakfast.”
March 10, 1975
The first letter in Jay’s handwriting!
July 29, 1975
Jay lets George and Helen know that he has made up some recipes, though he doesn’t include those recipes in the letter.
August 12, 1975
Marcy congratulates George and Helen on their new (beach?) house, and catches them up on some bits of news.
September 15, 1975
In which we move again, and our dog gets spayed.

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