1975, July 29: Letter from Jay to G&H

Another letter from Jay, four months after the previous one, also written on clown-and-balloons stationery.

Jay’s recipes letter.
Jay’s recipes letter.

Oddly, the handwriting changes significantly after the word “myself,” shifting from the mixed-upper-and-lowercase of the first few sentences into smaller all-uppercase printing. I suspect that the latter is my handwriting; if so, then I’m guessing that Jay dictated the last sentence and the complimentary close, and I wrote it for him.

This is the first letter (and one of only two total) with the return address of our new house in Santa Rosa. As indicated in the previous couple of letters, we had lost most of the foster kids, and Peter and Marcy had sold the big house that we had been living in. We lived in this new place in Santa Rosa for no more than six months before moving on to the next place, but more about that a couple of letters from now. For now, I’ve added the new address to the map of places we lived.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa

I haave good recipes

big banana bar

yogurt bar

and yogurt banana bar.

I made them up myself.

I didn’t want to put the recipes because I havn’t made them yet.




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