1976, November?: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Typed single-spaced letter. Undated—and figuring out the date took a lot of work.

The mention of Xmas forthcoming suggests that it was written late in some year, probably November or December. But which year?

I originally thought it was from 1973, but it didn’t seem to quite fit with the other late-1973 letters. Then I thought 1974, but the relief at our being able to remove popsicles from popsicle holders seemed surprising to me; I would have thought that it wouldn’t be surprising that I could do that by age nearly-7. But I kept looking at various bits of internal evidence—the bit about being just off 101 seemed like it was probably from the Cotati house, and the lack of mention of the foster kids also made that seem likely. So I moved it to 1975. But in late 1975, in another letter, Marcy implied that she hadn’t yet seen the beach house, whereas in this letter she mentions that Jay and I had been there. And then I was looking at late-1976 letters, and found one from Peter in which he mentions George and Helen going to Hawaiʻi soon! So that pins down the year on this. Whew.

Content warning for self-fat-shaming.

Well, well, and wowie. It's Sunday night, and you guys must be beside yourownselfs with anticipation---but by the time you get this, you will be there in the sunshine and flowers, forgetting about the anticipation woes and the rest of us left behind in the arctic night and the foggy mornignts, (that was supposed to be mornings, folks!), the winter jacketsx and shedding dogs and long a-starting cars and all that STUFF,you lucky stiffs, gosh xxx blinkit. poi and pineapples and barefoot telephone operators (we used to bitch about that when I worked for the phone company and we had to dress just so) and leis and lazys and tiny bubbles make-me-warm-all-o-ver... as you can see, I don't know much about Hawaii, but it sure sounds loverly.

Christmas is going to be a tiny one for us, both by necessity and inclination. We don't have to cope with all that television propaganda, and don't have the time and energy to do anything craft-y, and don't have the money to buy a lot of the lovelies we'd like to get for everyone we love, so it's going to be extremely simple. Besides, we'll celebrate when y'all come this way for your mexico trip. Really looking forward to that. And our drieveway is plenty ample for your camper, and we're right off highway 101. (I'll be in L.A. the first weekend in February, hope you get here before then.)

And what a lovely present you sent us--that whoele huge suitcase! the things were really delightful, and we are really grateful for everything down to the tiny orange comb. Peter was overjoyed to get his maroon pants back, and wore them for four days running. No, the days were running, he was mostly driving. The jersey of that color was too small for him, but (wonder of wonders!) fit me perfectly, and I love it. The rest of Peter's stuff was really welcome, too, as were the boys' leftovers, and the games and stuff. They were so pleased. The towels were perfetct, and just filled some gaps. Now we have enough for them to lose a few more next summer. (they always do--towels at the beach, mittens on the first cold day, can be counted on for regular losses.) I always try to send the worst ones to swimming parties, but sometimes I slip up. The skirts were really neat, just beautiful fabric, but I am neither that skinny nor that daring. Some have become patches, or are on the way, and others helped out at the Redwood School flea market this weekend, at which we made, would youx believe, about 125 dollars for the school, amazing! The tupperware popsicle holders were the big hit of the day, though. Lots of apple, orange and grapefruit juice popsicles have been through 'em alreardy. The beauty part is, they don't need help to get the poplsicles out of the holdres. HURRAY FOR INDEPENDENCE!!!!

Here is what we would all like from Hawaii::no fancy souvenirs but some of the pretty rockxs and seashells you find on the beaches. Quin and Jed and I are all seashell freakes, and beachcomb madly when we get a chance. 'specially me. I guess they did that at your beach house, too, but I don't remember any shells coming back. Maybe they only do it when they catch it from me?

Here 's the best-yet excuse for ending a letter: I'm getting very fat xxx lately, so much so that xpeople ask if I'm pregnant. I generally say, "No, I'm fixed." or "Just pretending," but xxx it's very embarassing. And if I xxx stay awake, I keep munching away on peanuts and currants and -- boy, what a few peanuts can do. I actually got almotsst slim for a few days just by staying away from munchixes, but tonight the ol' willpower has already hit the sack, and I'd better follow it quick if I don't want to be wearing one.

Hope the rest of your vacation is glorious, and that the first has already been so.


Handwritten: Marcy

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