1976, October 27: Note from Peter to G&H

Handwritten on an unlined index card, used as a postcard.


Hi Folks——

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (Mazeltov! Omedeto gozaimasu!) I’m sending a parcel, but its contents will have to remain a mystery until it arrives... ! Hey I hear the Indians recaptured Fort Cascadia after you retired! Hope no one was hurt... Love, Peter

The Cascadia Juvenile Diagnostic and Detention Center, where George had been teaching since 1963. (I previously referred to it as the “Cascadia Juvenile Reception and Diagnostic Center”; I’m not sure which of those names, if either, is right.)
As I mentioned in an earlier note: The place had a fascinating and unfortunate history; it had previously been the Cushman Indian Hospital (connected to the Puyallup Indian Reservation, near Tacoma, WA), but the US government took it back and handed it to the state of Washington in 1961. For some further details, see my 2020 Facebook post.

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