1977, August 12: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Handwritten on another fold-and-mail card/stationery.

This (like the next note) is postmarked August 15, 1977, but the “Friday night” date at the top suggests that it was written on August 12. It’s framed as an addendum to something previous; I’m guessing that it’s an addendum to the August 10 letter, rather than to the August 15 postcard.

Friday night

Hi. Forgot two of the most important items:

1) THANKS a bunch for all the goodies you sent - heating pad and chemistry bottles & vials & the dates & raisins, and the toaster. We seem to have wrecked the plug - Peter says it worked fine till we got home - but shall look for one at the flea market; they’re easy to find. The heating pad is the joy of my life - we used it 2 or 3 times the first week we got home (a stomach virus bit each of us in turn) and I really enjoy the cover. Most of ’em are the sort of hospital color you’re supposed to look at when you get sick - really, it’s what one looks like, not at. And feels like.

2) Nancy & Guy got married last weekend — in San Diego, where Guy is working. Came up here for a whirlwind 36-hour honeymoon, then back to a nifty little house across from the famous San Diego Zoo.

Hope you will head south en route to round-the-world.

Love, us.


Nancy & Guy
Friends of Peter & Marcy’s, but I’m vague on exactly how we knew them.
I’m still unclear on when George and Helen went on various big trips; at some point I’ll try to figure out the timeline and update various posts.

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