1977, August 15: Note from Marcy to G&H

Handwritten on a no-picture postcard, the sort they’d used a few times before, with preprinted postage on it.

It’s a little confusing, because the postcard has a cancellation in Tacoma from 11 August 1977 on the side where the writing is, and a cancellation in San Rafael, CA from 15 August 1977 on the side where the address is. So I think that George and Helen may have mailed them a blank postcard, and Marcy wrote on it and mailed it back.

Then again, there’s also a small bit of tape on the postcard, so possibly it was originally taped to something that George and Helen mailed them? Not sure.

Neat idea. -still not clear if you’re coming this way, or where we’ll be. entertaining the idea of Peter going to LA to stay w/friends & job hunt full-time in Sept. (We won’t move w/out letting you know.) This is how we recieved the card—

There are arrows from that last sentence pointing to the Tacoma postmark.

More coming,

Love, M.


As noted in my notes on a couple of previous letters, we didn’t end up moving until a year later.

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