1984, August 22: Letter from Jay to G&H

One-page handwritten letter on three-hole-punched lined paper, in red ink.

At the top of the page, Helen wrote “Aug 22 ’84.”

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Dave x brought us the doughnuts & bread & granola bars. They were all great. Thank you very much. School starts in x two weeks. (I’m going into ninth grade, my first year in high school.) I’m looking forward to seeing some friends that I haven’t seen since for a few months, but not the homework, which there will be lots of next year. I quit Japanese, because of transportation problems, but I’m going to x start taking Spanish. I’m x in three xxx honors classes next year - Math, English, and x science. Also, I’m taking a course called Applied Buxsiness Law. Also, I’m on the xxx cross-country team, and I have a morning paper route instead of afternoon. I have a very busy nine months ahead of me. Just

Just during the summer, I have been doing four to five paper routes, and I’ve been making a lot of money, so I’ve decided to start saving for a car. (After all, in only two years, I get to xxx xxx get a license)

Once again, thanks for the food



P.S. Sorry for all the cross-outs, Its 7:35 A.M., and I’m not quite fully awake.


“transportation problems”
I think Japanese classes were offered only at Paly (the high school I was attending); Jay went to the other high school, Gunn.
“four to five paper routes”
I knew that Jay had done a lot of work and a lot of saving money as a kid, but I either didn’t know or had forgotten just how much. That seems like a lot of paper routes; I’m impressed.

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