1984, December 22: Letter from Jay to G&H

One-page letter, handwritten in red ink on 3-hole-punched lined notebook paper.



I meant to write this in the card I just sent, but I forgot. How about those Seahawks!?! I am looking forward to the game, and I am rooting for the Seahawks, because I hate anyx sports teams from Los Angles. That would be great to have a 49er-Seahawk Superbowlx??!! I am also looking forward to the Superbowl, xxx because Standford Stadium is just down the street, and a few friends and I are going to hang around the stadium on Super Sunday, just to see what it’s like. You might have head some things about Palo Alto not being excited for the game, but don’t believe any of it. If the Seahawks and Niners are in the Bowl, good luck, Seahawks, but my money is on the Niners.

Merry Christmas !!!!



“card I just sent”
There’s no card among these letters; I’m guessing George and Helen didn’t save it.
Super Bowl
The game ended up being between the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers won.

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