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Some harassment and rape links

I've been meaning for a long time to write something coherent about some of the stuff I've been reading about... (More...)

Addiction is...

For no particular reason, I wandered by tonight, and then remembered that it had been taken down. But most... (More...)

Items: Women, tech, and tech companies

New Yorker article: “A Woman’s Place: Can Sheryl Sandberg upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture?” Video-game event bans women under... (More...)

Biggest time-sink ever

I have been meaning for years to link to TV Tropes, a wiki that provides a vast and entertaining and... (More...)

Items: Assorted

More window-closing, this time with no particular theme: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future. When... (More...)

Items: Art and images

Closing some browser windows. Links to various pieces of art and image-related stuff: Cute prank/art subway signs: Spoiler Alert, Please... (More...)

Links: tech stuff

Some technical and vaguely tech-related items, mostly from a couple months back: IBM discovers the business value of editors. OkCupid... (More...)

Links: political

Some political and quasi-political items: Interesting discussion of tensions within the Tea Party as they settle in to become part... (More...)

Links: video roundup

Some videos: Google Demo Slam: a contest among short videos of demos of various tech topics. The demos are fun... (More...)

Items: Map, replicator, writers, distraction, zombies, World Cup, Hyperbole

A set of links in search of a theme. Interactive map showing where Americans are moving from and to. The... (More...)

Items: Closing windows

I was about to go read some submissions, when I realized that I was once again facing the prospect of... (More...)

Curse you, snow!

Snowpocalypse 2010, part III (or is it IV by now?), has claimed another travel-plan victim. My friend Stephanie was going... (More...)

Items: miscellaneous

I know long lists of unrelated links are kind of a pain, but I'm desperately trying to close some browser... (More...)

Cute baby-animal photos

I wonder which there are more of on the the Internet: cute animal photos or porn photos. Anyway. Kam and... (More...)

Items: Friday morning linkery

A few cute and/or fun tidbits (mostly visual) from skimming the last couple days' worth of Twitter: Neat videos of... (More...)

Items: Babies 'n' stuff

There were just barely enough items here to be worth pulling out into a separate entry. New York Times article:... (More...)

Items: Miscellaneous

Really must clear out some browser windows. Squirrels: Y'all know about Crasher Squirrel? This couple was on vacation in Banff,... (More...)

Some nifty photos

A few photos I've liked lately: 182 and 1: Rodeo Beach, flowy wisps of fog over rock, very pretty composite... (More...)

Cthulhu online

The search engine man was not meant to know: Cthuugle. And for more Internet Cthulhu goodness: LOLTHULHU. Some of my... (More...)

Items with assorted themes

These links are sort of grouped thematically, but there are only two or three per grouping, so I decided to... (More...)

Items with no theme

Some links with no particular unifying theme other than closing browser windows: Discussion of the history of the honeycrisp apple,... (More...)

Online snowflake makers

Amtrak's snowflake maker is pretty cute--simulating cutting a snowflake out of paper. Needs Flash, I think. What appears to be... (More...)

Emotions vested in objects

I've always been fascinated by the idea of objects holding an emotional charge, or otherwise retaining information from the things... (More...)

Items: Cheerer-uppers

Despite the warm sunshine the past couple days, and ice cream at lunch, I've been intermittently pretty grumpy, which has... (More...)

Items: Robots, all sorts

Here are a whole bunch of pix and videos of robots, some of them kind of lifelike in various ways.... (More...)

Online sf notes from all over

It continues to frustrate me that I don't have time to read everything I want to read. Here are a... (More...)

Items: Miscellaneous

Some assorted unrelated items: Sauce in the City--"your one-stop shop for gourmet [hot] sauces and more!" Kam and I saw... (More...)

Items: Fake reviews, mammoths, wire recordings

These items do have themes, but no one set of them seemed worth an entry of its own, so I'm... (More...)

News and notes from all over

Time for me to close some browser windows, by posting some items with no particular theme. The Year in Newsbreaks:... (More...)

Items: Writing advice

In the past few days, I keep coming across various items of advice and commentary about writing. (The focus here... (More...)

Items: In other news

Seems like there's been a whole bunch of other news and quasinews and other items of interest lately. Some notes:... (More...)

Items: Technology and society

These and the Bussard stuff in the previous entry seem to sort of fit into a general theme, something to... (More...)


So enough about pirates. As I was walking back to my desk this evening, I saw a guy dressed somewhat... (More...)


Arr, me hearties! Today was, of course, Talk Like a Pirate Day, as I'm sure you all knew. One of... (More...)

Video roundup, part 2

Here's the promised second set of videos. If you're short on time, skip down to the cute pet videos at... (More...)

Video roundup, part 1

It's been a while since I've posted a collection of videos, and the links keep rolling in. So here's a... (More...)

More parkour

I coulda sworn that I posted at some point about parkour, the French sport/skill involving urban running, jumping, climbing, and... (More...)

Items: Art

Some assorted links, under the very broad heading of "art": Google recently bought the company that makes SketchUp, an application... (More...)

On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers

A couple of weeks ago, there was a totally fabulous talk at Google: Dr. Cornelia Brunner of the Center for... (More...)

Items: Video

Links to a bunch of cool online video items, for your delectation and enjoyment. Some of these require Flash; some... (More...)

Africa, the Other, and sf

Some items that may or may not add up to more than the sum of their parts: Okay, so there's... (More...)

R.I.P., Robert Sheckley

Most of you who would care know by now that sf author Robert Sheckley died a week ago. It's been... (More...)

Cuteness storm

Aaron pointed us to Cute Overload. It seems to be a mix of genuinely cute stuff and kind of creepy... (More...)


These items aren't quite coherently connected, but they felt like they made a certain amount of sense together. There's a... (More...)

Items: Hodgepodge

Okay, I've run out of themes. Here's everything else. Article titled "The Myth of the Black Irish: Spanish Syntagonism and... (More...)

Items: Words and names

Glesga Glossary. This would've come in handy during WorldCon. List of Yiddish Words and Expressions. See also Yiddish with... (More...)

Items: Technology and computers

Heavier-than-air military airship: the Walrus. See also the SkyCat. Project Gutenberg now has free audiobooks, apparently including some read... (More...)

Items: Sad news from all over

This is probably all old news by now, but I wanted to at least note it all in passing. I... (More...)

Items: Sf-related

I imagine those of you who care have already read the TIME interview with Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon.... (More...)

Items: Audio, video, interactive

Director Michel Gondry's Lego video for "Fell in Love with a Girl" by the White Stripes. I can't make... (More...)

Item-blogging and social bookmarking

It occurred to me a couple of times recently that rather than try to find time to sort the vast... (More...)

Items: Movie, gullibility, names, androids

I've been posting a lot of personal stuff, and occasional sf-related stuff, but not very much Links To Cool And/Or... (More...)

Items: Hodgepodge and mishmash

No discernible theme this time, just a collection of whatever happens to be sitting in my open browser windows: Last... (More...)

Update and items

Went to Jay's memorial gathering for Peter yesterday. Planned to just stop by for half an hour or so, but... (More...)

Items: Keep the objects moving

Three more or less unrelated items of varying levels of interactivity: Thomas Dietz juggling video #10. Even the people who... (More...)

Items: Shifting paradigms

Feeling a little better than yesterday, but still not up to going to work. Yesterday I didn't do nearly enough... (More...)

This and that

I've got a plethora of links saved up once again; haven't had time to post much lately. Also, not much... (More...)


A couple of sites worth visiting: Stephen Mancusi's forensic art page: "Forensic art is a law enforcement artistic technique used... (More...)