Some quick updates

A few quick life updates before I head off to work:

Thanksgiving was good; ate with Arthur E's family.

Enjoying the treadmill so far. Walking on it every couple days. Maintaining 3+ mph pace; thanks for the tip, Stephanie. Trying for an hour at a time. Reading subs while walking on it works reasonably well. Unfortunately, my shoes aren't the best walking shoes, and my feet get tender after a while.

Am heading up to Tacoma this weekend. Unfortunately, I don't expect to have time to see friends or family; intend to spend most of the weekend in Jordan's garage, doing a second pass through the books of Peter's that I pulled out of his house in March. I'm hoping that my long neglect hasn't resulted in further damage to them. I'll try and get them ready to ship down to my place, but that may require another trip.

Decided against buying a new PowerBook, at least for now, after looking at one at the Apple Store. The horizontal lines on the screen are faint but very noticeable (to me) when I look close. From normal viewing distance I can't quite see them, but the screen looks dimmer than it should (because every other horizontal line is about 5% dimmer than it should be). Just knowing the problem is there would probably drive me crazy. For now, I'm waiting in hopes that Apple will do something about it, unlikely as that seems. But I might change my mind on this.

Backed my car into a metal post a couple days ago (at very slow speed). Damage to rear bumper is very slight, but there. Planning to call insurance today; not sure whether it's worth fixing. Sigh. Makes me nervous; the post was about 3 feet high, and was completely invisible from the driver's seat, obscured behind the part of the car separating the rear window from the rear passenger window. There aren't any kids in my condo complex, but I'm really gonna have to be more careful when backing up in general.

Things at work got pretty bad last week, but better this week.

Burned my hand last night; the stuffed-focaccia thing I was eating suffered a structural integrity failure, spilling very hot melted cheese and spinach all over my hand and pants. After about four hours of keeping the most painful finger mostly submerged in cold water last night, it's all pretty much better this morning, but still a little tender. Not a serious burn--only one place where it's even visible, and no blistering--but boy did it hurt. But I'm a known wimp.

Thankfully, SH has now temporarily closed to submissions for the month of December. It'll be very nice to take some time off from reading subs.

That's all for now. The Tacoma hotel this weekend does have free wireless net access in every room, so I should theoretically be online this weekend, but may not be posting much for a while.

3 Responses to “Some quick updates”

  1. Chaos

    After my Corolla got backed into a post, i looked into this. Basically, in order to fix it, they need to remove and reform the entire bumper, so, no matter how much or little damage you’ve done to it, it’ll cost a few hundred dollars.

    This made me decide that the best thing to do is to wait until i decide to sell the car, and get it fixed then. Having a cosmetic dent doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the car, and it’s always possible that i’ll back into something else and get another dent, so why pay twice? If the dent impairs your enjoyment of your car by more than a few hundred dollars, you should go for it, but the service station people may laugh at you if the damage is sufficiently cosmetic. (They laughed at me, though they were nice about it.)

  2. Michael

    It seems like a useful skill to be able to laugh nicely at people.

    My car’s been hit about five times while parked (twice while I’ve watched, in both cases with the person speeding off), and I’ve given up hope of getting it looking right again. Got to love Boston drivers.

  3. Vardibidian

    We were warned by our Prius salesman that we needed to be extra careful about our cats, because the car doesn’t sound like a car to them. I figured this was mostly ‘hey, it’s quiet!’, but it seems like the post probably didn’t hear you back up.



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