Every time anyone's asked me how my leave is going, I've had to confess that I've been spending way too much of it on Facebook.

So since Friday, I've been mostly avoiding FB. I'm posting links there (which I can do without visiting the site), and I'm stopping by once or twice a day to briefly check comments on my posts and to wish people happy birthdays, but mostly every time I have the impulse to open FB, I divert it into something else. I'm sad to miss all the interesting and/or fun and/or personal stuff that my FB friends post, but I was spending up to several hours a day there, and not making progress on all the other stuff I want to be doing while I'm on leave. I'm sure I'll be back on FB at some point, but am hoping to continue to stay mostly away for at least the next few days.

So what have I been doing? Well, mostly other socializing, and some productive work.

On Wednesday, for example, Kam and I had dinner with my local cousins who I almost never see. On Thursday, I ran nine errands in three or four hours: picking up books and meds that had arrived at their respective stores, getting groceries, returning a mail-ordered vest, etc. (Had help from the new multi-destination feature in the Google Maps iOS app. Very useful, although it ought not to start over at the beginning when you're nearly through the route and you delete the second-to-last destination. ...And I checked off at least sixteen to-do items that day; usually twelve is a very good day for me.)

On Friday, I had lunch with Mary Anne and Shannon in Los Gatos, then hung out with Mary Anne et al for a while, then came home just in time to see Debby and John and Rose and David, who were visiting from out of town. Friday evening and Saturday, we played games and had good conversations and good food and visited the Computer History Museum and the Google Visitor Center; and the kids were delighted by all my assorted toys and gadgets and devices, which was most gratifying.

The rest of the weekend I spent mostly on watching TV (Police Squad, Star Trek, etc), and reading (so far this month, I've read or (more often) skimmed a dozen books from my unread-books shelf; the only one of those that I would actively recommend is Delany's Heavenly Breakfast), and a phone call, and hanging out with Kam, and managing my to-do list, and starting to catalog my DVDs and Blu-rays, and making a little progress on some projects (like sorting through some old papers), and procrastinating on most of my other projects. And doing some web-related work. And playing some games. And I've been planning a new story in spare moments, but haven't actually sat down to write it. Last night, I finally started digging into my publish-various-written-but-unpublished-blog-posts project, and I hope to make significant progress on that over the next couple days.

And then later this week is Worldcon! Which kinda snuck up on me. I'll be on four panels, two of which I'll be moderating; hoping to post my schedule soon.

Also this week, I really need to make travel plans for September (probably Boston and Chicago).

So ... keeping busy, as usual, even if not always with what I ideally would like to get myself to work on. But it's been lovely to see and talk with various folks. And I'm making small bits of progress on various fronts; just not finishing very much.

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