1971, August 2: Postcard from Marcy to G&H

Picking up where I left off last time: The family and a mysterious person named Laurel were en route to Philadelphia to see Marcy’s mother.

Mountain View Lodge
Mountain View Lodge

The printed text on this postcard says “Mountain View Lodge & Motel, Cody, Wyo.” “Ph. 587-2081—Highways 14 & 20” “Halfway between Cody & Yellowstone Park in spectacular Wapiti Valley. Hunting—Scenic Pack Trips—Fishing—Trail Rides. Modern Cabins, Curious and Home Cooking. One of the prettiest views in Wyoming. Alfred F. and Maxine Olson.” “Deon C. Beemer, Rt. 3, Thermopolis, Wyo.” “Photo by Deon C. Beemer”

Sunday—hope the moving went well!

Wyoming is very conscious of children. Every motel & campsite has some jungle gym & swings. Spent last night in Buffalo (Wyo)—free camp, river sand is great for scouring, all’s well & well fed. Love to all


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