Family letters: February–June 1976

And here are the 1976 letters so far.

The below are mostly life-update kinds of things, but the last one is all about how to take care of Jay and me during our visit; it’s the start of a several-letter series during our month-long visit.

February 14, 1976
General updates from Marcy.
“Here I sit by the local excuse for a fireplace, a gas heater with a Thermostat. We gather ’round it evenings for togetherness.”
February 22, 1976
A note from Jay about bike tricks and doing math.
February 23, 1976
A note from Marcy after a visit from George and Helen.
“This is a bread-and-butter note back to you - to say thanks for coming & for all your good nesses, and for these notes, and welcome home!”
March 19, 1976
A postcard about a visit to Coit Tower.
Mid-June, 1976
An instruction manual telling George and Helen how to take care of Jed and Jay during a month-long visit.
“I would prefer that they not have any pasteurized milk; However, I understand that this may be difficult. They may have all the raw milk they want, but it may be prohibitively expensive.”

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