Family letters: October–December 1976

I’ve fallen way behind again on linking from here to old family letters. Here are the letters from the rest of 1976:

October 12, 1976
A brief update from Marcy.
“hoping you’re all survived from your multitudinous surgeries, Grandpa, and thoroughly enjoying your leisure.”
October 27, 1976
A postcard from Peter, wishing George and Helen a happy anniversary.
November(?), 1976
A note from Marcy on the occasion of George and Helen preparing to head off on a trip to Hawaiʻi.
“Peter was overjoyed to get his maroon pants back, and wore them for four days running. No, the days were running, he was mostly driving.”
December 8, 1976
Peter explains more or less what he meant when he referred to himself as a “Scuffler” in a previous note.
“my connotations include images of scruffiness (scuffedness), of being somewhat worn around the edges; tattered or shabby; but yet still vigorous and resolute.”

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