Family letters: 1977

And here are all of the 1977 letters:

February 22, 1977
A brief thank-you note from Jay for some birthday presents.
Also February 22, 1977
A brief thank-you note from Jed for some birthday presents. (My first letter written in cursive!)
March 22, 1977
Notes from Peter and Marcy in anticipation of George and Helen coming to visit. And possibly the first recorded indication of Marcy’s illness, though I’m not sure of that.
May 13, 1977
Marcy and Peter send thank-yous and life updates—thoughts about a local cat lady, a raw-food diet, jobs, and more.
“In preparation [for a job search], I trimmed the beard last night—the scissors slipped, it’s one-thousandth of an inch long now.”
June, 1977
Peter is excited about a couple of job-like prospects.
“I don't think you heard about Mr. Duran, a millionaire in Los Angeles that Marcy & I talked with about a job—and HE’S GETTING ME ONE! (Really!)”
August 10, 1977
Marcy talks about various trips and plans and life updates.
“But today we got up too early for [a kid who was visiting] & he was tired, and ’Quin fell off an airplane wing (an old Navy fighter, painted blue and sealed and set in a huge sandpit and made safe for kid climbers) and I had to sit and judge the relative merits of their respective grouchinesses.”
August 12, 1977
Addendum to the previous letter, thanking George and Helen for gifts and mentioning that a couple of friends got married.
August 15, 1977
Postcard from Marcy talking briefly about Peter’s job hunt.

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