1976, October 12: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Handwritten note on both sides of a sheet of fairly thick notepaper.

At the time of this letter, Helen was 68 and George was 64. They were about to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary.

October 12, 1976

Dear Grandpa & Grandma

Just a quickie to let you know we’re thinking of you, hoping you’re all survived from your multitudinous surgeries, Grandpa, and thoroughly enjoying your leisure. When you gonna come to see us?

Christmas will be pretty busy, I’ll be working mornings and evenings, with afternoons off to be with the kids, then quitting in January to go back and get a masters’ in psych or counseling. hoping for a scholarship, or fellowship, for re-entry women.

Really behind in a lot of committments, so a real letter will have to wait—

Take good care of yourselves, have a lovely anniversary (present coming soon) and forgive any hasty midnight scrawl.



In Peter’s handwriting: Hi from me too ——

“The Scuffler”


I assume this is related to the end of Helen’s July letter, in which Helen mentioned that George was retiring soon but might have to have some medical stuff done first.
I don’t know what happened to the graduate degree in anthropology that Marcy was pursuing earlier in this year. I don’t think she ever pursued this other degree that she mentions here.
For a quasi-explanation, see a later letter.

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