I think I’ve had a couple of dreams in which I’ve tried but failed to look up info about the folksong “Oleanna.” In last night’s dream, I finally managed to do a web search on that term, but got no relevant results. But when I woke up, I did a real-world web search, and got […]

What I’ve been doing lately

Assorted abbreviated notes on some things I’ve been up to lately: Formatting the ebook version of Cyrano de Bergerac. Done with Act 3, started Act 4. Writing an intro for this coming week’s special issue of Strange Horizons, about chosen families. Sewing a headband, and working on how best to improve the way that my […]

When you say “people,” who do you mean?

When you’re talking about social-justice issues, and you want to refer to a particular group or kind of people, I recommend being careful to refer specifically to the kind of people that you mean, rather than just saying “people.” (…This note is primarily addressed to people who have relatively more privilege, and especially to us […]

On sewing, and napkins

I’ve been saying for a long time that the most important thing I learned in high school stage tech was a paradigm that I usually phrase as “Things are made of stuff.” For example, a door isn’t a single discrete unbreakdownable unit; it’s (more or less) some pieces of wood with pieces of metal attached, […]

Some vids

I enjoyed the vid party at WisCONline last week. Here are half a dozen of my favorites—some sweet, some thoughtful, some angry. “Come ’Round for Tea” (2014), by Garrideb Showing female friendships in Marvel comics, with all the words in word balloons replaced by hearts. (song: “Baltic Sea,” by The Social Services) (2 min) “Pipeline” […]

On first looking into Hofstadter’s _GEB_

I don’t remember when I first encountered Gödel, Escher, Bach. The book was published in 1979, but I don’t think I ran into it until about five years later. I suspect that my father had a copy, and that that was the one that I saw. But not sure of that, either. I know that […]

Piano update

I noticed last night that it’s been nearly six months since I bought my electric piano and started learning more about playing it. Figured that makes this a good time for a checkin. Short version: I’m still enjoying it a lot. I’m still practicing about 20 minutes a day, with the iOS app Simply Piano. […]

Stuff I did yesterday

Here are today’s assorted minor news and notes from me. (Written and posted on Facebook on Monday, 4 May; posted here in my blog on Tuesday, 5 May.) I mowed my front lawn for the first time in, oh, 9 or 10 years, I think. (I usually pay gardeners to do that once a week, […]

My reactions and responses

Here’s something I wrote last summer (after our documentation-group gathering at work) but ended up not posting at the time. Yesterday afternoon, as part of our mini-conference at work, I attended a session about how to usefully give criticism/negative feedback to co-workers (especially to people who report to you), in which people gave a bunch […]

The giant-coin dream

Yesterday morning’s dream: Kam and I were walking on the Google campus, and we walked past the giant-coin swings. (Which don’t exist in real life.) There was a playground-ish area, and a swingset-like structure, but two of the swings were a giant penny and a giant nickel, both maybe 15 or 20 feet across, both […]

What everyone knows about asteroids

I just read a 1992 piece by Niven and Pournelle, extolling the glories of capitalism, and talking about how awesome Columbus was, and suggesting that if only those evil governments like the US government would stop being so annoyingly anti-capitalistic, people would go to space in order to get rich. (Title of essay: “Where Next, […]