Some notes on the history of temperature scales

Yesterday’s xkcd led me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole about the history of temperature scales. Some particular things that struck me: It hadn’t occurred to me that standardized temperature scales weren’t invented until around 1700, and thus that before that, there were no standardized numerical representations of temperature. Galileo or someone connected to him invented […]

Fifteen years

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of my father’s murder. (For anyone who doesn’t know what happened and wants to know, here’s the writeup that I posted in 2006, on the first anniversary. Content warning for a fairly detailed discussion of his murder, and a brief discussion of his SO Nancy’s suicidal depression.) (…Something that I […]

How things are with me

Time, I think, for another status update about how things are in my life these days. My big news is that the first Constellation Press book, an ebook edition of Samuel R. Delany’s 1979 memoir Heavenly Breakfast, is finally published, available for $4.99 from the Kindle Store and the Apple Books Store. I need to […]

On ebook creation: Tools

This past year, creating the ebook of Heavenly Breakfast and the ebook of Feast of Serendib, I have learned a whole lot about creating ebooks. I hope at some point to write up some of what I’ve learned. But here’s the main thing I’ve learned: Use tools that do all the hard stuff for you. […]

Productive but stressful

Today was complicated. (Wrote this post late Wednesday night, posted it Thursday morning. In this post, today means Wednesday.) On the one hand, I was super anxious. Higher anxiety levels than I’ve had in a long time. I wouldn’t call it a panic attack exactly, but very very stressful. On the other hand—partly because of […]

State of the Jed

Things with me have been a little weird lately. I guess the main thing is that I’m having even stronger avoidance reactions than usual. It seems to me to be pretty clearly an anxiety thing, but most of the time I’m not experiencing it as the usual consciously evident fear/anxiety (though there’s been some of […]

Donations 2019

Here are the organizations I’m donating to in 2019. (I used to post my list every year, but haven’t managed to post it since 2013.) Much of this is repeated from 2013 (and earlier years), but since that last post I’ve removed nine organizations and added thirty-five others. The list is categorized for ease of […]

On footnotes

Just finished with Anthony Grafton’s nonfiction book The Footnote. I think someone gave me this as a present a few years ago, but I forget who; sorry about that. I’m also sorry to report that I am not the right audience for this book. I’m mostly not the right audience for nonfiction books in general, […]