Recently acquired boardgames

I’ve acquired a ridiculous number of boardgames lately—eight of them in the past three weeks. (I bought 11 boardgames in all of last year, and most of those were near the end of the year.) Which I’m calling ridiculous partly because I’ve run out of space on my boardgames bookcase, but mostly because I’m unlikely […]

Free books again

Edited in 2022 to add: This is an old post. If you want free books, see my current version of the free-books list. I’m leaving the old version below, for historical purposes only. More books! Free to a good home. Let me know if you want any of these. Also some VHS tapes. (At the […]

The Prius saga continues

Yesterday morning, the car saga continued. Here’s the backstory, some of which I’ve posted before (but maybe only on Facebook rather than here, not sure): For complicated reasons, my 2005 Prius is in Chicago. The screen of the touchscreen system in the middle of the dashboard (the “multi-function display,” or MFD) has had some sun […]

My history with tabletop roleplaying games

This started out as a Facebook comment about my history with story/plot in RPGs, in response to a discussion between Ben and Kel in comments on a post of Mary Anne’s; but it got long and sort of morphed into a broad overview of my history with RPGs. (In this post, I’m using the term […]


The spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere occurred about eight hours ago. I know there are many reasons to not feel particularly celebratory right now, but I’m nonetheless posting my traditional spring quotation of Swinburne: For winter’s rains and ruins are over, And all the season of snows and sins; The days dividing lover […]

Guidelines for writing image descriptions

Social media posts these days often include image descriptions, which is great. But some image descriptions focus so much on describing every detail of the image that they obscure the main point of the image. So below are a couple of links to useful guidelines about how to write a good image description, both of […]

Tiny cute 2TB portable hard drive

For this trip, I decided it would be a good idea to have a portable external hard drive to back up to. (I also keep remote backups via Backblaze, but I wanted to be able to use Time Machine.) So I bought a 2TB Western Digital My Passport SSD. And I’m amazed at both its […]

Ted Lasso

The other day I saw a list of recommended Apple TV+ shows, and on the list was a show called Ted Lasso. It looked like something I would never have the slightest interest in, so I moved on. Short version of this post: I was wrong; it turns out to be a remarkable and lovely […]

A package’s progress

A package’s progress from NJ to IL: Feb 8, 7 pm: Accepted by USPS in Collingswood, NJ, ~800 miles from destination. Feb 8, 8 pm (~1 hour after previous location): Arrived in South Jersey distribution center, NJ, ~800 miles from destination. Feb 9, 7 am (~11 hours later): Departed South Jersey distribution center. Feb 10, […]

Travel day details

Here’s a long detailed post about how my travel day went. (For background, see my post from the other day.) (The first three photos attached to this post show me after shaving in preparation for wearing an N95 mask; the fourth one shows me wearing the mask; the fifth shows me on the plane, with […]

Visiting Oak Park

Short version of this post: I’m in Oak Park for the next couple months. Longer version: After months of uncertainty and waffling, I decided to come to Oak Park to see Mary Anne and Kat. I’m not going to go into detail here about my whole thought process leading up to that decision. I will […]