Spoilery unhappiness about Secret Invasion

I recently finished watching the 6-episode MCU Secret Invasion miniseries. I found it very disappointing. Unlike some people I’ve seen talking about the show, I don’t see this show as evidence that Marvel has gone irredeemably downhill, or that all MCU TV is terrible. I’ve at least somewhat liked all of the other Disney+ MCU […]

One Man Shall Mow My Meadow

I’m going through Rise Again, the sequel to Rise Up Singing, and in the “Ballads & Old Songs” section I came across a song I was unfamiliar with. The first line goes: One man shall mow my meadow …so I assumed it was going to be one of those old bawdy-euphemism songs. But then the […]

Some lawsuits over generative AI

Here are some links and notes about copyright lawsuits being filed against OpenAI and Meta and Google and Microsoft because of their generative AI systems’ probable use of various kinds of training data. Links first: “Microsoft, its subsidiary GitHub, and its business partner OpenAI have been targeted in a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that […]

San Francisco’s history of racist displacement

Article about the history of systemic racism in San Francisco, and particularly about one man’s racist redevelopment efforts. “For San Francisco, the architect of [the tear-down-and-displace process] was Justin Herman, head of the SF Redevelopment Agency from 1959 until his death in 1971. During his time in the role, he oversaw the demolition of almost […]

Capehart tries to justify cluster munitions

On PBS News Hour yesterday, Jonathan Capehart said the following to justify the US sending cluster munitions to Ukraine: This is war. And President Zelenskyy […] is […] forced to fight a Russian president who's been ruthless, bombing civilian targets from almost minute one, with Zelenskyy pleading with the United States and the West, please […]

How spam has trained me

For the last couple decades, one common aspect of a lot of spam has been nonstandard use of English. For example, when I get email that claims to be from a major American corporation, but it’s full of nonstandard grammar and spelling, that’s a signal that the email is very unlikely to really be from […]

R.I.P. Ellie the dog

Content warning: Pet death. Mary Anne and Kevin had to put their dog Ellie to sleep yesterday. I’ve known Ellie since she arrived in M and K’s lives in 2006 or so. She wasn’t my dog, but she and I got along very well for most of that time. (Her name was really Elinor, but […]

Life update: social and productive

Some what-I’ve-been-up-to updates: Last week was extremely social for me. As usual, all of the socializing was lovely, but the total added up to being kind of exhausting. Mary Anne was in town for a couple of days; I spent some time with Kam; I went on a walk at Shoreline with a friend; I […]

Productive day

Had a nicely productive day today. For example: Checked off over 20 items on my task list—usually these days I get through about 10 in a given day. (Most of today’s items were either small things or incremental-progress-on-ongoing-projects things, but all of them were good things to get done.) Prepared for cleaners, including getting enough […]