Wow, it’s been over a month since I last posted here. Not gonna try to post about everything I’ve been up to during that time. But here’s some of what I did this weekend: Read or skimmed or evaluated-and-discarded five books. (And continued reading two or three others that I’m in the middle of.) My […]

In the Heights

Last night, I saw In the Heights at Woodminster Amphitheater in Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland hills. Produced by Woodminster Summer Musicals, “Oakland's Broadway in the Redwoods Since 1967.” It was great. Highly recommended. There’s another performance tonight, and four more next Thursday through Sunday, if you’re interested. I listened to the recording of […]

Sleepiness update

As I’ve mentioned in various contexts, for the past month or so I’ve been sleepy almost all the time, regardless of how much sleep I’ve had. For the first couple weeks, I guessed it was a stress issue. But most of the biggest stresses got resolved, and I’m still sleepy. Saturday night, I got nine […]

Hugos 2018 stats thoughts: near-misses and big gaps

More notes on the 2018 Hugo stats. This time I’m looking at categories where the gap between the top two items in a category was particularly big or particularly small at various points in the IRV process. (Not listing the ones where the first two swapped places; see previous post for those.) Note: When I […]

Hugos 2018 stats thoughts: IRV vs first-past-the-post

I hope to post more about stats from this year’s Hugo Awards soon. In this first such post, I’m looking only at the cases where Instant Runoff Voting led to a different result than first-past-the-post would have: Related Work: Rather to my surprise, Zoe Quinn’s Gamergate book got the most first-round first-place votes, but the […]

Improving society

Good tweet from KTO: ...we can either find reasons to improve inclusion, or we can make excuses for continuing past exclusion.— Kat Tanaka Okopnik (@KTOkopnik) August 23, 2018 Which reminds me of a recent thing I was thinking about. During the discussion about this year’s Worldcon programming, I had the following series of reactions (in […]

Some things I did today

Some things I did today, in roughly chronological order: Got approximately enough sleep. Not enough to catch up on sleep dep, but probably enough for one night. Made it to work for a 10 am meeting. Which I realize is late for many of you, but is relatively early for me; usually these days when […]

Artist Hugos

At this morning’s WSFS Business Meeting, there turned out to be some strong opinions about how to revise (or not revise) the Fan Artist and Pro Artist Hugo Award categories. In the end, the Business Meeting decided to refer the issue to a committee, which will report back at next year’s Business Meeting in Dublin. […]