Peter’s “neat words” list, part 2

Here’s part 2 of Peter’s “neat words” list. (See earlier entry for part 1 and background.) These are the words starting with F through I. There are quite a lot of F words, for some reason.

fandango fanfaronade fantoccini fantod faradism farfel fasces fatuity filch flaccid flang flange flapdoodle fleer flense fletch flibbertigibbet flimsy flinch flinders flinger flinty flip-flop flippancy flirtigig flitch flittermouse flocculate flocculus flogger flooey floozy flotsam flout flub-dub fluctuant flummery flummox flurry fluxion fœtid fœtor frangible frangipani frank frantic fraught frenetic fricassee fricative frizz frop froward frowsty frump frustum fulgent fulgurate fuliginous fuller’s-earth fulminate fulsome funambulism functor fungible funicular furbelow furring fussbudget fustian fustigate futtock fylfot gallimaufry gambrel gauche gawky gentian gibbous glaucous gleet glissade glockenspiel gooney grabble grabble graffle gratuitous gribble gristliness grok grovel gutbucket gyromagnetic ha-ha habiliment hagiolatry halcyon hamlet ideomotor idiolect ignis-fatuus impecunious inchoate indolent ingenuous insipid inspissated intrados involute iodoform irruptive ischemia ishmael isinglass isthmus

2 Responses to “Peter’s “neat words” list, part 2”

  1. naomi-traveller

    I have always been fond of inchoate myself. Thank you for sharing these. 🙂

  2. Jed

    And thank you for reading!

    And yeah, inchoate is a great word.


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