Peter’s “neat words” list, part 4

Here’s part 4 (and last) of Peter’s “neat words” list. (See earlier entries: part 1, part 2, part 3.) These are the words starting with R through Z.

radar raffis rara-avis ratite recuse riant riant rococo rodomontade romanesco rondo ronyon rumper rumply runcible-spoon rupicolous sackbut satrap schwa scrawny scrim scrimshaw scrod scrofulous scruff scruffy scrum scumble scurf scutch scuttlebutt sedge sepulchre shibboleth shill shillelagh singeing sisyphian slumgullion slurry smirch snaffle snarf snath snell snickersnee snide sniffish sniggle snivel snook snooker snoose snoozle snorkel sny sophistry sororate spindrift spondulix spuddy spume spunk spunky spurge spurious squalidity squandermania squeegee squiffed squinch steatopygous stint stricture stupefacient stylite subterfuge supercilious supine surd surruptitious suspire susurrus sutler swamper swank swarf synecdoche syrinx syzygy tangential tarn tatting-shuttle tawdry teasel tedder teratology tergiversation tesselation thrumming thurl toady tor trull trumpery tweeze twigging twit tyrannicide usurious uxorious veleity vernacular vernier vinculum virago virgule wale whee whelk widget winsome wonk yclept zephyr

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