Juggling Life And Leisure

Peter taught me to juggle in the early 1960’s. He wasn’t professional or anything at it, but he was good, very entertaining. While I never attained his skill level, I admired his accomplishments.

One of the “tricks” he did with juggling was to juggle two balls with the right hand, and then lift the third ball, up and down, in perfect timing, AS IF it was being juggled! I was never able to do this one, but I loved to watch it.

Another “variation” (as opposed to the “standard” juggling of three balls, with both hands throwing and catching) Peter had taught himself, was to only toss the balls with one hand, and then let the other hand simply feed the throwing hand by letting the ball “fall” into it. I think it’s called a “waterfall juggling”.

Paul had learned to ride a unicycle, in Ellensburg, (which he got really good at). Peter really wanted to learn this and spent many hours falling off of it, but was never proficient, to his regret. (It was Peter’s wish that the two could be combined, that he could learn to juggle while riding a unicycle, although he never did, to my knowledge.)

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