1970, March 29: Letter from Marcy to G&H

Three-page handwritten letter on 7"x9" paper. Easter in 1970 was March 29 (the day after my second birthday), and I’m assuming that “Easter evening” means the evening at the end of Easter Sunday.

My brother Jay (referred to here as Joaquin) was about a month old.

Easter evening


Hope your Easter Sunday was a sun-filled & joyous day of beginnings of Spring. Joaquin & Marcy got up at Dawn to nurse & meditate…… Here at last are the pictures. Joaquin changes so every day, you’d hardly recognize he’s the same. Still looks a lot like his paternal grandpa at times, tho. More letter coming soon, but for now we’re rushing to get the pictures in the mail before he’s 80, or 64, or even 6 months. love,

P, M, J & J

p.s. Jed was absolutely delighted with the card – he just latched on to it & kept holding it & we had to read it to him about 30 times. He really loved having a birthday. And many thanks for the check. He may get a new ball with it – the one you sent for Christmas got left on the (floor) heater overnight recently, and shrank! (shrunk?) to a small, square-ish soft block. But he still carries it around to throw. love again

P, M, J & J

And a third page:

The package came today. Jed opened it all by himself – he just loves the animals. Is learning how to take Pooh Bear’s shirt off, & put on one of Joaquin’s undershirts instead. Maybe he’ll diaper him later. Went to sleep still hugging him. The rabbit is a lovely cuddly, too. He’s in a nest made of the dress, which is really neat; wonderful colors.

Peter is Rototilling the back yard. He is accepted at U.C. – more details later, when we know what they are.

Love a 3rd time

Monogram combining the letters P, J, J, and M
Monogram combining the letters P, J, J, and M

By accepted at u.c., she meant accepted as an undergrad at UC Berkeley. Peter had been in college twice before, at Caltech and University of Washington, but hadn’t graduated either time; now, at age 30, he was going back to school.

I think that monogram must have been something that Marcy just made up on the spot; I don’t recall ever seeing it in any other context.

I assume that the photos that she was sending were these: Jay 1, Jay 2, Jay 3. (I especially like that third one.)

I’m guessing that the mentioned rabbit was a stuffie that I kept for many years, named Hoppity. I have a vague idea that around the time I went off to college, I gave it away or threw it away (I think it was a little threadbare by then). Now I wish I had kept it.

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