1971, July 31: Postcard from Marcy to G&H

This is the second postcard that Marcy sent to G&H while we were en route from Tacoma to Philadelphia.

The reason Missoula is relevant is that George and Helen lived there when they met (I think—certainly their families lived there at the time). George grew up there, and his grandfather was a prominent citizen; Hartman Street in Missoula is named after one or more of George’s ancestors.

One mysterious thing about this series of postcards: Apparently we were traveling with someone named Laurel. I have no idea who Laurel was, and they’re never mentioned again after these postcards. Whoever they were, they seem to have written one of the other postcards; more on that next week.

Missoula postcard
Missoula postcard

On the back of the postcard is printed “Scenic setting of Missoula, Montana is shown in this city center photograph from atop Fox Theatres tower. View looks up Main, left, and Front Street towards colorful Hellgate Canyon, east entrance to this city of 30,000. The campus of Montana State Univ. lies beneath the letter “M” on Sentinel Mt.” “Pub. by The Ross Hall Studio, Sandpoint, Idaho” “MADE BY DEXTER, WEST NYACK, N. Y”

Well, there we were in Missoula, for about 10 minutes. Broad streets, very open. /// Please enjoy the Shampoo & creme rinse we left. Will try to find a ride for the rest of the stuff we left. But hope you can send that heavy white sweater to my mother’s house when you get a chance. All’s well. Love, PMJJ&L

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