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Ming dynasty rebus

The Asian Art Museum’s online collection includes a dish labeled as Foliated dish with bird, deer, wasps, and monkey, from the Ming dynasty (specifically the period corresponding to 1567-1572). The images on the plate turn out to be a rebus. (See also column YY.) The images include, among other elements, a bird, a deer, some […]

On reviving dormant languages

Lovely, long, fascinating, thought-provoking article about languages going dormant/extinct, and languages being revived, and colonialism, and more, from a Marxist or at least Leftist perspective: “Salvaging the Dormant: On Language,” by Sarah Grey. Includes discussion of updating languages for modern use; of appropriate terminology around the death or dormancy of languages; of forcing Native American […]


Recently happened across the Kryptonian Language Project: “an ongoing effort to flesh out a full working language for the home planet of one of the most popular fictional characters in...