My recent medical stuff (all is fine)

A post about assorted recent and forthcoming medical stuff. Nothing bad here, all is well. (The thought of the comments that I would likely get on such a post was stressing me out, so I’m closing comments on this.) Content warning for a little bit of stuff about weight and BMI, though not much. This […]

Hamas and Israel

In our current social climate, it can be difficult to express dismay about atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by one organization or government without coming across as a partisan of an opposing one. For example, expressing dismay about Hamas killing people can easily come across as Islamophobic, or anti-Palestinian, or settler-colonialist; and expressing dismay about […]

Nearly fell for a phishing scam

Wow, I just almost fell for what I now assume was a phishing scam. It was an email that claimed to be from “Facebook Ads Team”; I didn’t (at first) look at the email address that was attached to that name. It told me that FB had received complaints about my ad (I’ve been running […]

Coming back to Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin was one of my favorite TV shows. But in mid-2018, in season 4, there was a storyline that I found hard to watch. I thought that storyline had ended, but I was still a little tense about the show, so I paused for a while between episodes—and somehow didn’t pick it up […]

Transposing guitar chords

One of the issues that I have with playing some of the songs in Rise Up Singing on guitar is that I feel like the chords are often written for someone with a slightly higher voice than mine. (My vocal range is mostly somewhere in the bass/baritone area; a voice teacher once told me that […]

Weird Apple image-display bug

Update: This issue has been more or less resolved; it turns out that the images in question had CMYK color profiles attached rather than RGB color profiles, so Apple software was (possibly correctly) displaying them in a way that the designer hadn’t intended. Leaving the post in place for historical purposes. The other night, I […]

Nebraska mother sentenced in abortion case

“A Nebraska mother who helped her teenage daughter obtain abortion pills to end her pregnancy [at 29 weeks] and later disposed of the fetus’ remains was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday” (Quoted from a Forbes article.) This situation has apparently been in the news for over a year now, but I hadn’t […]

“10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands”

Recent spam subject line: “10 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores Your Commands.” I didn’t read the email, but here’s what I assume it said: You don’t have a dog. Your commands are illegal, and your dog knows not to obey illegal commands. Your dog is an anarchist, and doesn’t believe in hierarchies. Your dog just […]

Red, White & Royal Blue (movie)

I watched the movie Red, White & Royal Blue last night, and enjoyed it a lot. It’s a romcom. Sweet and funny and a bit larger-than-life, with no particular uncertainty about how it’s going to turn out. But I enjoy that sort of thing when it’s done well, as it is here. (Content warning for […]