Peter’s Approval

I believe that Peter approved of new technologies and new uses of technologies and would very much like the ease of use of this interface, which is fairly intuitive for beginners and a great tool with a bit of experience.

[Poke around, find the bugs!. -Peter]

[Click on “Extended Entry” hyperlink below for more… – Dobe]

But my entry is an inquiry into group preferences for this blog. A normal blog may have new entries forever, but I wondered, and would like it considered, in honor of Peter’s approval of “Completeness”, that we at least discuss whether or not we would like to have some “Categories” and then to post “Comments” under that category, (Always with an option to define new “Categories”) , or whether each and every main “Category” would be someone’s complete thought of some memory about Peter, in sequence of publication?

For example, this is the only blog I have experience with that allows multiple authors of the main topics, other than public forums. So assuming this is fairly small group, most of whom are family and know each other well, then it changes the flavor of the blogsite, doesn’t it?

I’m thinking of Categories such as “People That Peter Met Or Knew” (or something), or “Peter’s Teaching Methods” or “Jokes Peter Told” or “Peter’s Favorite Books” or “Peter’s Drugs Of Choice” or “Peter’s Early Years” or “Peter’s Hippy Times” or “The Day Peter Saved The World” or Peter’s DreamTimes”. I’m sure you could think of others more appropriate. Question: would this help stimulate other’s entries or not?

For comments on this entry, for example, please feel free to say, “No, Dobe, this defeats the purpose!” or “Are you whacked out of your mind?” or “What a [good][bad] idea!” I think comments to this entry could also include questions/answers into how to post an entry or comment for those who might have trouble, or report bugs. (Peter would love that feature!)

Lastly, I think Peter would approve of his friends virtually getting together for the purpose of learning from and about his life. I agree that he was very private. He once told me that it was his “Scorpio Nature”. But Peter spread a lot of Light into many lives and I think he would approve of our love for him being published for those who never got a chance to meet him, for posterity, for “completeness”.

2 Responses to “Peter’s Approval”

  1. Jed

    We can certainly define categories for use here. For me, I don’t think they would help stimulate entries, but they might for other people.

    I should note that so far only seven people (family members) have the ability to post entries here (though anyone can post comments to any entry), and so far only you and I have actually posted entries.

    If anyone else is interested in being able to post entries, let me know; I’ll be happy to add you. And those who can already post but haven’t, if there’s anything that would make you more interested in posting, let me know.

  2. Dobe

    Jed, I believe Linda would like to post entries, as she has had to have me post them for her, twice recently.

    If you will add her, I will certainly vouch for her Spirit, her Love for Brother Peter, and to which the family owes a debt of gratitude for calling the fire department when Steve first saw his house on fire.

    (I wrote email to ask a while back, but I know you must get WAY too many emails…)

    Thanks, Jed!

    [And thanks again for jogging my Brothers and me to get going on the plans for Mom’s Centennial! If you hadn’t have instigated by sending the email when you sent it, it wouldn’t have been nearly the event it turned out to be!]

    -Uncle Dobe


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