Previous thoughts about Peter

Since I’ve already had a number of entries in my own blog about Brother Peter, I will simply supply the links to those that either are about him, or at least mention him. (Please click the " Continue Reading" button below for the articles in Dobe’s blog mentioning Brother Peter…

The Pumpkin Eater..

The Wedding Party

As Brother Peter would say..

Peter’s Fractal Staircase

I’m thinking of donating my body to Science Fiction

Peter’s Notes from May, 2004 Found

Ms. U, My Friend

On Words, Tunes and UFOs

Dry(er) Humor: Hilarity Ensued..

On A National Holiday, A Remembered Birthday

Cubism for The Blind (-folded)

Brother Peter – Right Here

Happy 23rd, Peter

If We Planet Well… (Half-Astrology…)

Graphic Memories

Saturday Night With Mom

Shiva, the Destoyer

Miss Emma Lott


A year goes by through misty eyes..

Happy 23rd


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