Peter’s Birthday, Veteran’s Day, November 11, 1939

I don’t remember the first time I realized that Peter was born on Veteran’s Day, a holiday at some companies. He always seemed to get that day off, and I remember him telling me once how much he liked that. I don’t seem to ever remember a traditional birthday for Peter, with a birthday cake and candles. I’m sure it must have happened, I just have no memory of it.

Although I was never very good about getting birthday cards off to him, (or anyone…), I always remembered his birthday, (and doubt if I missed many of his birthdays since the 1960’s without calling him or seeing him) with a phone call.

I remember the last birthday gift I gave him in Tacoma. I had painted a yard sign for him which said “Fnord!”, but it had a small GO game in progress on the sign as a graphic. This sign was never found, so far as I know. I believe it must have been burned in the fire. I believe he never put it in the yard, or outside. The last time I ever saw it, it was just outside the kitchen area on a table stand.

I did see him in his birthday suit. Several times. Once, we were making a home movie on the Peninsula, and Peter volunteered to pretend he was sunbathing in the nude, the twist being that there was snow on the ground, and very cold out! I don’t think that video survives, but I remember seeing it at least once. Jed and Jay were there, along with Marcy. We were traveling around the Olympic Peninsula for a few days and looked up an old friend of mine for a place to stay for the night.

The second time I remember seeing Peter nude was in the Folk’s house in Tacoma. He had told me privately to go down and watch what happened when he came down. When he emerged downstairs naked, Mom didn’t think much of this “joke” and proceeded to abuse him. I won’t say how, but it must have hurt Peter. It wasn’t one of Mom’s finest moments, and I always wondered why Peter did it…

I miss you Peter, and I remember and honor you, on your birthday.

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