Whenever someone complained about being sore or having aching arms or legs, Peter would say:

You know what they say: “If you get stiff in the joints, don’t go in the joints!”

I was always amused, but found that when I repeated this to friends, they just looked puzzled, or thought I was making some kind of sex joke. And I would have to explain that one meaning of “stiff” is “drunk,” and that a “joint” could be a bar, and by the time I explained it the joke wasn’t funny any more.

At least, that’s the meaning I always assumed Peter meant. I could be wrong. Some words have entirely too many meanings.

One Response to “Joints”

  1. Dobe

    I don’t remember Peter saying that joke, but it sounds like him, all right.

    I understood the reference immediately, but when I told it to someone recently, someone familiar with overcoming alcoholism, someone who I thought would also understand the reference immediately, they thought I was attempting to tell a “dirty” joke.

    I think it is hilarious.


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